35 Questions to build a powerful immune system during the Coronavirus pandemic

If we support the immune system and modify our lifestyles to optimize ‘the terrain’, COVID-19 won’t stand a chance. Below I offer 35 questions to assess your level of protection against the coronavirus. Questions you answer no to are weak spots in your health and immunity and things you need to start doing.


Breakthrough COVID-19 Discoveries and 3 Promising All-Natural Therapy!

In the past few days, a mountain of valuable new insights into COVID-19 has been revealed and it appears we’ve been treating patients for the wrong disease! In a way, this is good news because it explains why so many patients weren’t responding to treatment and the new insights will allow us to treat COVID-19 more effectively. 


The Coronavirus Mortality Rate is mostly from pre-existing conditions. Here is how to build a healthy immune system.

“…I feel obliged to critically question the far-reaching restrictions on public life that we are currently taking on ourselves in order to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus…I feel it is my duty to make a scientific contribution to putting the current data and facts into perspective.”


How to Boost SHBG to Help Prevent Hormonal Acne

Sex-hormone-binding-globulin, or SHBG, is a hormone that binds to and eliminates excess sex hormones from the body (including androgens, prolactin, and harmful estrogen metabolites). Low SHBG levels can lead to elevated prolactin levels and this is a dangerous combination that is associated with stubborn acne, breast cancer in women, chronic fatigue, a high viral load and susceptibility to colds, and coronavirus. Because SHBG binds to harmful estrogens, low SHBG levels can also lead to a troublesome hormonal disorder called estrogen dominance. Estrogen dominance 


World-Wide Isolation and Big Pharma Solutions Are Causing More Harm Than Good!

Some investigative reports feel that Big pharma and the government have brainwashed too many people into believing the solution to the coronavirus pandemic is world-wide forced isolation, antibiotics, deadly malarial drugs, expensive and toxic vaccinations, and unsustainable “ill-care.” 


Vaccines and Drugs Will Not Save Us From Coronavirus!

It’s ironic that three of the leading solutions being advocated for the coronavirus – social isolation, vaccines, and malaria drugs, actually harm the one thing that can save us from the virus – the immune system. Most of the world is being forced to socially isolate, and yet loneliness activates the fight-or-flight system, causes chronic inflammation and dramatically reduces the body’s ability to defend itself from viruses. Vaccines and malaria drugs are also being touted as a solution and both of them come with their own set of problems and health risks which I explain below. 


Coronavirus: Why Social Distancing Is Not the Solution and What We Need to Do ASAP

Social distancing is like throwing a rug over a gaping hole in the floor. Sure it covers up the problem for the time being, but it doesn’t provide any permanent solution. We can’t hide in our homes forever, and the virus isn’t going to magically disappear. Even if we managed to eradicate the virus completely from our country (which is virtually impossible), it would require extreme social isolation, draconian measures, and the complete destruction of our economy in order to do so. And all of our efforts would be in vain because such drastic measures will never be enforced globally and the virus will be reintroduced to the population as soon as borders are reopened. 


Coronavirus? A shocking new solution from an old discovery

The medical literature based on studies reported in the book Safe Uses of Cortisol, by William Jeffries the Professor at University of Virginia dedicated his life to the search for a solution to deaths from flu pandemic outbreaks like the coronavirus. And though diseases like this mostly affect the elderly this is what he had to say of the implications of low cortisol: