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8 Regenerative Medicine Techniques for Reversing Aging and Chronic Disease

Staying healthy in today’s fast-paced, stressful, and highly toxic world is not something that will just happen on its own. It is a difficult task and you need to actively and consistently work towards it. Below are 8 steps for both maintaining and restoring optimal health, which is inspired by a talk between myself and…

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4 Cheap and Easy Ways to Reverse Aging

Just because you can’t stop yourself from getting older in chronological age, doesn’t mean you should resign yourself to looking and feeling ‘old’. The following easy and affordable tips will help boost your energy and vitality, reduce your risk for chronic disease, take years off your appearance, and increase your longevity. Step #1: Stay Hydrated…


4 Remarkable Nutraceuticals for Fighting Aging, And Gaining Energy and Vitality

It’s no secret that what we put in our bodies has a dramatic effect on how we look and feel, how we age, and our risk for chronic disease. And while there is no shortage of information on the health benefits of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, most people are unaware of the super health benefits…

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The Unique and Transformative Health Benefits of Our Top 10 Supplement Ingredients

[sharify] We follow strict manufacturing guidelines and use a clinically effective, proprietary blend of natural ingredients in all of our products. To ensure maximum quality and effectiveness, we put a great deal of time, effort, and research into the formulation of each and every one of our formulas. We use the highest quality ingredients available in our supplement formulas, and strictly avoid the use of synthetic additives, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, stearates, gluten and GMOs. The following 10 most commonly used supplement ingredients, provide a wide-range of unique, scientifically proven benefits, guaranteed to transform your health.


The Radical New Technology That Uses Electricity to Fight Aging and Promote Healing

Modern day conveniences such as cellphones, computers, microwaves, GMO’s, and cars are highly damaging to the cells of the human body. This is problematic because healthy cells are required for energy and vitality, and when they become damaged, it accelerates the aging process and triggers the onset of illness and chronic disease. A revolutionary new technology uses cold fusion to help reverse the damaging cellular effects of daily toxin exposure. Read-on to discover the fascinating science behind this technology and the multitude of benefits you can expect to receive from it.

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The Top Two Groundbreaking Research Fields That Will Make Aging Obsolete

Aging and death are two certainties in life that humans have shared since the beginning of time. But hard as it may be to believe, death caused by aging may become obsolete within the next 20 years, thanks to a synergy between two ground-breaking age reversal research fields. The first thing that this news may bring to mind is “Oh boy, we are going to keep people alive in nursing homes forever and ever,” or, “I don’t want to continue living when I’m old, frail and sick!” But that is not the projected outcome.

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Follow This Diet If You Want to Reverse Aging and Prevent Disease

Processed foods make up an astounding 70{26cc0ed11e2bb6722aeee461b889fb0a3f7e0a26d72d2ac41cff8364d94a8d9c} of the American diet. It’s no surprise when you consider how cheap and insanely accessible processed, packaged and fast foods are. And the fact that we’re constantly bombarded with billboards, commercials and other ads encouraging us to consume these toxic foods, makes them practically impossible to avoid. No wonder America is one of the fattest nations in the world and the majority of American’s (38{26cc0ed11e2bb6722aeee461b889fb0a3f7e0a26d72d2ac41cff8364d94a8d9c}) are actually considered clinically obese! It’s both scary and ironic that if you’re in the normal weight range, you’re actually in the minority. Equally appalling is that fact that American’s spend more money on healthcare than any other country in the world and yet we have the highest disease rate. And almost all of the diseases we suffer from are caused by the Standard American Diet (SAD). We are literally eating ourselves to death!

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Americas Only Olympic Weightlifter Eats Vegan: Why You Should Too!

There’s a common myth that you need to eat meat in order to build strength and stamina but 30-year-old, vegan Olympic weightlifter Kendrick Farris proves that wrong! Standing at just 5’6”, Kendrick weighs 187 lbs – most of which is solid muscle. Since switching to a vegan diet in September 2014, Kendrick has increased his muscle mass, moved up a weight class, and attained a body fat percentage of just 6.5{26cc0ed11e2bb6722aeee461b889fb0a3f7e0a26d72d2ac41cff8364d94a8d9c}.

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Caring for Aging Parents

[sharify]Recently, I was very touched and moved by a sincere letter written by Dr. Nick Delgado about how he turned his Dad around and made the final days of his Dad’s life a pleasure for himself, for his Dad and for the rest of the family. This was particularly poignant to me as I have had two similar voyages with my Dad, victim of congestive heart failure at 88, and with my late husband a fitness icon cut down too young by a stroke. Dr. Delgado and many colleagues have studied and have found solutions for many many aging adults to minimize or relieve entirely the debilitating effects of aging, weakness, memory loss, Alzheimer’s, lack of sexual energy, inability to perform and others. More importantly for those of us who fill the role as primary caregiver is to maintain cognitive function.

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(Video) Age Reversal with David Kekich and Dr. Nick Delgado

[sharify]Since the late 90’s, David Kekich has been at the forefront of extreme life extension research and finding the code to cure aging, even reversing the aging process as we know it. Thanks to David Kekich, his team of experts and doctors like Dr. Nick Delgado, the seniors of today, who were the Boomers a few years ago, may be a part of the first generation of adults who do NOT die of old age diseases. In fact, David Kekich has just published a book, “Smart, Strong, and Healthy at 100.” These are carefully researched facts; not science fiction.