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How to Prevent Chronic Disease

How to Prevent Chronic Disease A whopping of adults over 65, have at least one chronic health condition. The good news is that chronic diseases are primarily caused by lifestyle factors, so whether or not you suffer with one is largely in your control. Below is a comprehensive guide for preventing chronic disease, enhancing longevity,…

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Massive Study that Examines Health and Environmental Impact, Finds Eating Meat is the Most Harmful Thing You Can Do

A recently published, first of its kind study investigated both the environmental and the health impacts of growing and consuming different types of food. According to this analysis, which included data from tens of millions of people, the foods that are the healthiest for humans are almost always the healthiest for the environment. Perhaps not surprisingly, animal products, and meat in particular, were found to cause the greatest harm to both human and environmental health.

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8 Unique Tips for Increasing Longevity

Did you know that genetics only play a role in the determination of your life expectancy? That means a whopping determined by lifestyle factors, which is great news, because it means how long you will live, is largely in your control. If you want to increase your health, happiness and life expectancy (and who doesn’t?), all you have to do is integrate the following 8 longevity-enhancing techniques.

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This Simple Diet Rapidly Reverses Heart Disease and Diabetes

Eating the right diet is the best weapon you have for fighting diabetes and heart disease. But you need to be careful when choosing your diet because there is a lot of conflicting advice and some diets that claim to reduce chronic disease risk, can actually increase it. The ketogenic diet is a great example of this. 

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Benefits of Testosterone and How to Increase It Naturally

Testosterone is a powerful steroid hormone. It is often referred to as the male sex hormone because it’s responsible for male sex characteristics and men produce ten times more of it than women. The maintenance of adequate testosterone levels in men is essential for mental, physical, emotional and sexual wellbeing. Unfortunately, after age of 30, testosterone begins to decline and most men will experience a 1 drop in testosterone levels per year, after their twenties. This may not sound like a lot, but by age 40 it amounts to a 10  loss which is enough to produce noticeable symptoms and by age 60 levels will typically be 30 lower than age 30. Fortunately, testosterone levels can easily be increased and the negative symptoms associated with low testosterone reversed. Before explaining how to naturally and effectively boost testosterone levels, lets first examine what the benefits are of doing so.

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Top 3 Nutrients for Thyroid Health

Although most people don’t give too much thought to their thyroids, this butterfly shaped gland that sits at the base of your neck plays an essential role in your health. It releases hormones that affect virtually every organ in your body. It also regulates numerous bodily functions, including your metabolism, heart rate, breathing, nervous system,…

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Why ED Clogged Arteries Of Penis & Carotids Can Prevent a Heart Attack

Dr. Jeffry Life says when a man is having ED, erectile dysfunction, it is generally because the arteries to the penis are clogged with cholesterol from an animal-based diet. One must change to a plant-centered diet, and take natural advanced herbs with berberine (maybe better than Metformin), bergamot, lycopene (use statin drugs only as a…

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The Most Common Vegan Nutrient Deficiencies and the Best Corrective Supplements

A nutritious plant-based or vegan diet offers so many benefits. It’s the best solution for long term weight loss and it’s been scientifically proven to enhance longevity and reduce mortality rates. It also lowers the risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and several other chronic diseases and can reduce the number of medications…

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Natural Methods for Infectious Disease Prevention and Management

Infectious diseases kill almost 50,000 people every day, amounting to 17 million deaths a year. The situation is so dire that the World Health Organization (WHO) warns that we are on the brink of a global crisis: “No country is safe from them. No country can any longer afford to ignore their threat,” states Director-General…