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The Ultimate 4-Step Guide to a Long and Happy Marriage

Close to 50 percent of all marriages in the United States will end in divorce or separation. The stats are dire but the outcome of your marriage isn’t a matter of fate; it’s completely in your control. Researchers have found marriages that are long and happy tend to share 4 commonalities. If your current marital status is disconnected, sexless, boring, uninspiring, chaotic, tumultuous, or anything less then satisfying, then incorporating these commonalities into your marriage is the key to turning things around.

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Love: Everything You’ve Been Told Is A Lie

Everyone wants to be in a happy, healthy, loving relationship but most of us are epically failing at it. It’s not really our fault though, we’ve been brainwashed by storybooks, Rom-Coms, and TV shows to believe in a seriously flawed idea of love. We’ve been taught to love possessively, but this type of love is not ‘Real Love,’ and it can only ever lead to pain and suffering. Not sure which type of love you are engaging in? 

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Reignite the Flame in Your Relationship with this Failproof 5-Step Guide

Valentine’s day is around the corner and the ultimate gift for you and your lover is the rekindling of your sex-life. Studies show couples who have a healthy sex-life are signifigantly more satisfied with their relationship and less likely to seperate. One reason sex is so beneficial is that orgasms cause a massive release of the love hormone oxytocin — which is a key formulator of love, trust, and connectivity. Oxytocin also helps promote positive relationship behaviors such as listening, laughing, and affirming. 

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‘How to Lead Your Woman to New Depths of Ecstasy

According to multiple large scale polls, the majority of women are not orgasming during sex with their partners and a whopping 67% of them admit to faking it. This is an injustice to women and it is time for us men to step up and do whatever it takes to ensure our partners reach orgasmic bliss each and every time. If you’re ready to take on this challenge and want to learn how to become a legend in the bedroom, then this failproof 6-step guide is for you.

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7 Hidden Causes of Sexual Dysfunction and How You Can Reverse Them

Sexual dysfunction affects almost all of us at some point, it interferes with relationship satisfaction, connectedness and security, and it prevents you from experiencing sexual bliss. The most common types of sexual dysfunction include: loss of libido, reduced arousal and pleasure; delayed, weak or absent orgasms; erectile dysfunction (ED), sexual pain disorders, and vaginal dryness. Sex starts in the brain and psychological issues are a leading cause of sexual dysfunction. Read-on to discover the most common psychological causes and how you can overcome them and create deep intimacy and explosive pleasure.

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The Secret to a Lasting, Passionate and Intimate Relationship Revealed

The love, intimacy, connectedness and passion that new couples typically experience are four of the greatest feelings available to mankind. Sadly, as most relationships progress, one or all of these feelings deteriorate, and the result is either relationship dissatisfaction or termination. The good news is that all these feelings are fueled by chemicals in your…

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How to Be A Legend in the Bedroom

Would you like to lead your woman to new depths of ecstasy and bring her to orgasm every single time? If you are thinking right now “I already am,” I am sorry to break the bad news, but you are probably wrong. According to multiple large scale polls, the majority of women are not orgasming during sex with their partners and a whopping 67% of them admit to faking it either occasionally or always.

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Want Healthy Cholesterol, a Sizzling Sex-life and a Fit Body?: Follow Schwarzenegger’s Lead and Ditch the Animal Products

Meat, dairy and eggs have long been associated with virility, athletic excellence and super-sized muscles; but this is a huge misconception fueled by the animal agriculture industry. If you want to be a superstar in the bedroom, fit, disease-free and virile in your 60’s, 70’s and beyond, you need to replace carnivorous eating with a…

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How to Reverse Sexual Dysfunction and Maximize Virility

Sexual dysfunction is nothing to be ashamed of — almost all men will experience it at some point in their lives. The most common types of sexual dysfunction in men include erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, decreased erection firmness, premature ejaculation, and an inability or reduced ability to orgasm.[i] Sexual dysfunction may be caused by psychological…